Indirapuram Public Schools are affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). the largest educational board in the country. English is the medium of instruction.


The Schools follow a five day week schedule. It is our desire to keep the average strength of a class to around 30 students. Students are randomly divided into sections. Our teachers follow enquiry based method of education and are working towards bringing in an international perspective in the teaching methodology.


We have structured our institution to provide access to the benefits of a unified education system that grooms global citizens of tomorrow. We intend evolving a distinctive scholastic pattern and remain committed to introducing modern approaches in curriculum design and implementation, improving practical skills and promoting informed dialogue at various academic forums.

Primary Section

Teaching is tailored to suit the needs of students by involving them in the learning process and maintaining thier interest. Formal education system is introduced using NCERT syllabus as a guidelines. There are no formal examinations for classes I to V, altough grades are awarded on the basis of continuous evaluation through the year. Home assignments given are not a carry over of class work but are oriented towards bringing perfection in individual talents. Special stress is given on projects and group activities. These fun filled activities provide for hands-on experience of various concepts.

Middle and Senior Section

Classroom teaching is accompanied by audio visual computer aided capsules, group activity, regular worksheets, question banks and requisite resource material. Stress is laid on giving individual attention to students. The focus is on enabling a child to develop self-learning skills during class room teaching, rather than depending on private tutions. A continuous comprehensive evaluation system is used which gives due weightage to class assignments, term exams, project work and class room participation. Results are computer generated, giving detailed analysis of student's perforaance.

The Senior Secondary Section boasts of committed post graduate teachers.


Academic ability is recognised in the form of a "Scholar Badge", which is given to students who achieve A1 grade in their examinations. Scholar Blazer is awarded to the student who holds a Scholar Badge for three consecutive years.

Computer - A Tool

Indirapuram Schools believes in an integrated approach to all subjects using computer as a tool in order to promote practical and hands on learning for students. The endeavour is to integrate computer education into all subjects in order to enhance learning outcomes rather than regarding computers as a stand-alone subject. The helps students develop an advanced understanding of various software and programming. The integration of information technology into every subject is done through regular use of computer-based teaching packages for all subjects. This innovative methodology has helped increase student interest in all subjects, and has helped improve learning outcomes.

Maths Lab

Mathematics is an excpetionally useful subject which enhances the comprehension of every facet of education, besides being an essential tool for progress in the real world. It is thus imperative that all students develop their mathematical abilities. Keeping this in mind the use of mathematics lkit for the study of math is a child centered approach in which th ebasic interest and natural instincts of a child are given due weightage. It helps students understand concepts clearly while enhancing students interest in mathematics.

Peer Teaching

Great emphasis is laid on an interactive teaching-learning process which is promoted through group activities and Peer Educator teaching. The outcome of these efforts has been the creation of a large pool of students who regard themselves as true adults, standing up to their mentors fearless, confident, passionate with well founded beliefs and courage. This effort extends to participation of students in Model United Nations, Leadership Programmes and Youth Parliaments with elder students acting as mentors to younger students, all with the larger view to enhance peer educator training. Participation in the World Scholar's Cup an international competition which is hosted by our school also provides opportunity for the students to work in close collboration with one another.

Developing Life Skillss as a part of Structured Curriculum

We believe in the maxim that "Each child has latent talent and potentialities to succeed. Keeping this in mind there are life-skills workshops in the school to motivate and bring out the capacibilities and build self confidence in each child. Developing life skills involves honing of several skills in students such as critical, creative thinking, decision making, problem solving, effective communication, interpersonal relationships, coping with stress and emotions, self awareness and empathy, to name a few. All these are aimed at empowering students to make the best of opportunities that come their way. Each child is exposed to skills like leadership, time management, public speaking, respecting elders, making friends, building an unshakable character and the like though activities and role play situations.