About the Group

Welcome to our world, where the smallest classroom is as important as the most high-profile Boardroom.

The Indirapuram group has been in the education sector since 2002 and in a relatively short time, has grown to be one of the fastest growing chains of schools in India. All this has only been possible due to our unique team of driven and passionate professionals and thier attention to detail.

As of 2016, the groups has seven schools under its belt. They may be at different stages of thier journeys, but all these schools share our schools our commitment to excellence in all facets of education. The achievements and reputation of these schools is tryly a joy to behond for all of us.

The Leadership

Mr. Prateek Bhushan Singh

Ayodhya is my home, a town where my heart will always live and one of the spiritual capitals of our country. It was always my intention to break the educational boundaries of this town, and that chance came to me when we got the opportunity to establish Indirapuram Public School at Ayodhya.

Together we hope to pursue our mission of creating a great institution that encourages holistic development of all our students, while providing them with world class amenities and facilities. I had to move abroad to get better education and exposure in my youth, and I understand the value of providing a higher standard of education in our own country. It is our sincere hope that we ahve succeeded in doing so, and Indirapuram Public School, Ayodhya will continue to be a beacon of positive education for years to come.

Mr. Karan Bhushan Singh

Together we have built a dream come true - and the Indirapuram Public School Ayodhya is now a reality. The principal, teaching and non-teaching staff, every part of the team has contributed a great deal and will continue to provide the best of their services to ensure the organisation proceeds to deliver the highest possible education to the town of Ayodhya.


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